Empty Seats

2 people recently resigned from our board. Kelly Benedict who was vp resigned. She's still going to present the great gray owl she caretakes. She was the first to present a bird from Bird TLC out of the country. She went to the Yukon Territory last year in Canada. Melissa Wannamaker was in chage of fundraising. She did a great job with the recent membership drive. She also gave me a lot of ideas for last years auction besides getting a lot of donations for it. Both are moving on to pursue other priorities in their lives. Nice people. Thanks for the great jobs you did and good luck! Any Bird TLC member can apply to fill those empty seats. If your interested, contact the office @ 562-4852.

Bird TLC is looking for an Executive Director. A full job description is on the website. Basicly it's someone who will be in charge of everything except the rehab part. This will be a special person. They will be developing this job from scratch. I don't know if we've ever had a ed. Whoever it is will have a full plate. But if they like challenges like I do, they will definetly have one. This is what our organization needs though. One person in charge who is always there. If your interested, go to www.birdtlc.net/news.html and check out the qualifications. Then mail your coversheet & resume to the address posted.