New Address for Jasper

A new home for Bird TLC's education bird, the rough-legged hawk named Jasper. She's now living at Ellen Murphy-Welks home or should I say a mew in her back yard. Ellen's one of our caretakes, presenters and clinic volunteers. Jasper has been with Bird TLC for a while. We believe she was hit by a car near Fairbanks. She was sent to us a little late. Her left wing was broken and the brake had already fused. She was entered into the education program after she healed up. She's been presented all over Alaska, from Prudhoe Bay to Homer. All kinds of schools, clubs, zoo's & corporations have seen her. She's a veteran at teaching the general public about rough-legged hawks. Her former caretaker is moving out of state, so that's the reason for Jasper's move.

Ellen is now going through training to learn how to present Jasper. All of the birds at Bird TLC are still wild. You might see them on fist, but that's as far as it goes. Anything can happen at anytime and the presenter must be properly trained to handle the situation. She must also be able to handle questions from any group about the bird. Ellen already presents a northern hawk owl. I'm sure it won't take long for her to get signed off on Jasper.

In the above picture of Jasper in her new home, she's already showing her approval. Good luck with the training Ellen and I hope to see you at a presentation soon.