Spritzer is moving to Oregon

Long time rehab patient Spritzer is on the move. He's relocating Wednesday, Oct 20 to Hawk Haven in Estacada, Oregon. My wife Ruth and I are going to take him to the airport for a 8:15AM flight.

This has taken a long time to come about. Spritzer was brought to us almost 2 years ago. He was shot in the beak by a misguided citizen. The top beak was barely holding on. It has grown back quite a bit but as you see in the picture the wound still remains. He got the name Spritzer because his beak needed to be kept moist and he got water sprayed often during the day to keep it that way.

Bird TLC Rehab director Barbara Doak has been working with Leslie Rapacki of Hawk Haven for a while now to make this happen. Finances became an issue like with most non-profits. Neither of us have been able to get donated support from the large airlines that fly out of Alaska. Long time supporter of Bird TLC Dean Rickerson, introduced our Board President Mary Bethe Wright to the Anchorage Chapter of Ducks Unlimited at a banquet held on Oct 16. She informed them of the situation and being the fine people they are, dug deep into their pockets and paid for the airfare for Spritzer. Ain't that cool!

We're going to miss Spritzer. But he'll be able to teach people that visit him at Hawk Haven why you shouldn't shoot at birds for the sake of it. Bird TLC doesn't have a permanent facility yet, but it will some day. So, if you are in the neighborhood of Estacada, Oregon , stop in and say "Hi" to Spritzer. Also, THANKS ANCHORAGE CHAPTER OF DUCKS UNLIMITED!