Getting highly educated

Well today I took a big step. Being the webmaster, grunt and begger for Bird TLC wasn't enough. I went to the "Training Session for New Education Volunteers" at Bird TLC and enjoyed the program very much. I liked it so much I walked away as the new secretary of the Education Committee and a presenter in training with a great gray owl.

There was a full class of about 8 people. All had a chance to get familiar with the birds in the program, learn about basic bird health and basic bird management. They are at the very beginning of training to become a presenter and or caretaker for the birds that can't be released after rehabilitation. If they want to continue, they must pick what type of bird they would like to train with. A mentor will be assigned and then it's up to them. A checklist for the training is provided to follow. The training goes more in dept than what I put on here. A person can be trained by their mentor as fast as they both can handle or at what pace that is best for both. Evaluations come later when they feel they are ready to present. Formal certification is granted only when the Education Committee is confident that the new presenter is ready.

So today I did 4 of 5 of my jobs. I posted here (webmaster), took my first level of training for presenting, cut down some bushes the snow plow guy said was scratching his truck (grunt) and came home and typed up some letters for the committee (administrative asst). Wait a minute. Make it 5, send some money please!