Welcome Cindy

We have a new Rehab Director. Welcome Cindy Palmatier to Bird TLC. Cindy started out on Monday of last week. Barbara Doak, long time Bird TLC Rehab Director decided it was time she cut back on her duties and do some traveling. A well deserved break for a lady that's done so much for Bird TLC & the many injured, sick and orphaned wild birds that visit us every year. I'm not saying goodbye to Barbara, she'll still be with us. But because of her plans, there became a need for a replacement for her position. And the hunt went on and on. It stopped not too far from our door. Cindy has been a volunteer with us before. She also assisted her husband, Dr. Todd Palmatier at Pet Stop with birds from Bird TLC. She also did some time at UAA at a department I can't pronounce yet even spell. She's also a message therapist. I already see some good changes at the clinic.
So welcome Cindy. I look forward to working with you.