More raven stuff

Sometime things can be kind of funny. Since I made the post on One of my favorites the Common Raven and Irresponsible People, plus a well noticed letter to the editor, I've become a little more popular around town. This is something I'm not use to. I am a salesman and yes I am a talker, but I'm not use to a lot of attention.

For Irresponsible People I've received all kinds of good comments from my friends, customers, my dentist's receptionist, the espresso girl, etc. I thank them all. The folks at Bird TLC thought I was a little borderline on getting a little too political, but they agreed with me. So it put me in a happier New Year mood.

Today it warmed up to +5F with a wind chill of -7F. There are ravens everywhere. While visiting one of my accounts we saw a raven outside having a dispute with a mound of snow. I don't know what that mound did to him, but it ticked him off. He was cawing at it and jumping on it and then off. We got a good giggle out of it. It went on for at least a half hour. We told stories of our raven experiences and so on. I finally had to leave. As I looked in the rear view mirror as I drove away, there's that raven on top of that mound like king of the mountain.

Ravens have gotten a bad rap over the years. I think if more people would spend sometime just observing these guys for a little while, they would appreciate them a little more. I remember growing up and there were cartoons of ravens on TV. Those guys must of watched them before making the cartoon. Ravens to me are the raccoons of the bird world. As Matt said over at Creature News, Don't mess with Odin's bird!