My Favorite Weblogs / sites

We all have them. The ones I like I check out about every other day, more if I don't have to go to work. Less if it's summer time. They have no borders. For me that's good. Alaska is bordered by Canada on one side and oceans on all the others. It's closer to Russia then the next state.

I like blogs / sites with a variety of information. Sure, mine are all about birds and bird rehabilitation and avian education. But I like all wildlife, all animals.

On Bird Forum I posted pictures of a young moose in my back yard and another in a wading pool. They got a good giggle out of those. There's lots of info, pictures and lots of people to ask for info. There are experts and newbies from all over. There's lots of stuff! This forum is huge. It's ranked #1 with the Bird Top 100.

On Creature News he post on all animals alive and extinct (Extinct Giant Eagle Was Really Big (shock). His stories link to other blogs or websites that relate, or the story is on the page that's linked. There are also links to some interesting blogs / sites. It's laid out great and is easy to read (even in English, hehe). The colors are easy on the eyes. He has a very good listing of non-profits you can give some cash to or the Tsunami Disaster. I really like that it has a photo album on the front page. There's also some short reviews on books that are available through

10,000 Birds - Mike and the Core Team are at bird count #298 and do an awesome job of relating their adventures to us. They visited our fine state about 2 years ago. It's ranked #26 with the Bird Top 100. I (or have trouble breaking into under 100. He has some great links also and you can shop on or get a bumper sticker. It can get a little political. It's a territory I can't go because of our non-profit status. We don't want to tic anyone off. Sometimes I'm jealous. I like when he post pictures of birds and you have to e-mail him to see if you identified them correctly. He posted a picture that I sent him of a Northern Goshawk. Later that summer, my wife Ruth and I released it back to the wild outside Hope, AK on a trip back to Anchorage. It was KEWL!

Birding Babylon - As a retired US Air Force aircraft mechanic, I'm a little jealous of John. He has access to modern technology in a war zone that I couldn't get in peace time. Of course I've been retired longer than he's probably been in. He has a gift of words for birding and when he runs out of birds he covers bugs, plants and whatever else that is neat that is around him. He informs us on a place that can be beautiful in it's own if it weren't for the ugliness in man.

The City Birder - Rob's Red-tailed Hawks and other wildlife observations from around Brooklyn and NYC. He does an excellent job of relating his experiences. He states that birds and nature are his passion and you can tell in his stories and his pictures.

So, these are the places I go when I go birding around cyber space. Some are top ranked and some aren't ranked at all. But everyone of them is tops with me.

I have yet to find another weblog on wild bird rehabilitation. I know tons of websites for them and most are great, but I have yet to find a weblog open for discussion on wild bird rehab. If you know of one, please forward the url. Thanks!