Sign up to the online petition

I found this link on Creature News. It definitely worth signing, I did.

Bird organizations throughout Europe are urging everyone keen to see wildlife given a future to sign this innovative 'cyberpetition' - in the form of a postcard. And from today (13 January) there are just 60 days left before we must send all the signatures to the new agriculture commissioner, Mariann Fisher Boel.

It is vital she becomes a driving force behind agriculture reform and works to ensure that the way we farm takes wildlife into account.

Signing the petition involves just three clicks on your computer. Click the petition link on this page, then click on the postcard to add your name to the thousands of others who have called for a better future for Europe's wildlife.

Please pass this onto your friends and colleagues and within 60 days we could have thousands, if not millions, of people urging the EU to held save our wildlife.

Source: Dr Mark Avery, RSPB Director of Conservation

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