Good News & Not So Good News

While we are thinking in the back of our minds about how long we are going to treat BE 05-01 (Lead Bottom) or is it time to let him go to rest in the big nest in the sky, all along he has other plans. Cindy went to work this morning wondering if she was going to have to make a decission that she or anyone else doesn't want to make. She walks down the indoor mews and there is Lead Bottom standing on his two feet looking back at her. After having his stroke he wasn't standing on his own, but he never gave up the fight. He ate when assisted and drank when assisted. He still needs help there, but being on his feet on his own is a giant step. Continue keeping your feathers crossed, it's working.

On the Bad News side, BE 05-08 was found dead in his mew this morning. This gorgous bird was unable to overcome being caught in a trap without food or water for what we figure was a week. He was too far gone once he got to Bird TLC and all of the IV's and tube feeding only helped him hold on for a short while. I'll miss this brave bird and hope he's in a better place now. He deserves it.