We have a new Exec Director

The Bird Treatment and Learning Center hired Rachel Morse as executive director. Rachel has a master's in forestry and natural resources management and five years experience with Alaska nonprofits.

I meet with Rachel over coffee last Wednesday (dah, took no picture) and we discused the computer side of Bird TLC. She got my opinion of "we have the best computers next to nothing". So one of her first projects (of many) is to get Bird TLC into the 21st century. We'll develope a technology program and go after grants to make that program happen. Aquire new pc's, have them networked, a webcam maybe, DSL, a members only access area in the website and much more. She's a modern woman and visions Bird TLC being a more modern organization. She seemed very motivated with lots of ideas and wanting constructive feedback on what the organization needs or doesn't need anymore.

I look forward to working with Rachel and I also looking forward to what she'll do for the Bird Treatment and Learning Center.