My daughter Cassie and I spent this past weekend in Seward, Alaska. She hadn't been there since she was a todler, so she didn't remember much of it. We got to visit with some old friends of mine and visit the sites. My favorite place to visit, is the Alaska SeaLife Center. I think it's her favorite now also.

ASLC is really neat. It's motto is "The Alaska SeaLife Center is dedicated to understanding and maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem of Alaska through research, rehabilitation and public Education". They caretake a lot of different mamals and sea and shore birds. They also educate the public on the birds, mamals and sealife they work with. Whenever they have a land based bird they transfer it to Bird TLC. Bird TLC sends all of the sea and shore birds to ASLC. It's a good relationship.

Steve Ross and Lisa Pajot were there presenting owls from Bird TLC. Steve presents a great horned owl and Lisa presents a boreal owl. Sorry Lisa, for some reason your picture didn't turn out. Both are well experienced presenters for Bird TLC and have extensive knowledge of the birds they present. They had a good size crowd listening to their presentation and asking lots of questions.

Cassie and I had a really good time and it looks like the owl watchers did also. I added some pictures from the trip to the photo album and will get the rest in there this week.

On another note, I'll be tied up at work for the next couple of days. Chances are there will be no new post until later this week.