California Bound

BE 05 -09 known as George will be going to ZOO TO YOU of Wildlife Education Inc., in California within the next couple of weeks. ZOO TO YOU takes in abused and orphaned wild animals. George doesn't fall into those catagories, but he does need long term care with plenty of hands on that we can't provide for him at Bird TLC. ZOO TO YOU is a non-profit organization formed to educate students of all ages about wildlife and the environment.

George came to Bird TLC with severe head trama. He had flown into something, probably head on. He had head swelling, was also deaf and blind. He has been with us several months now and the swelling is gone. He has partial vision and hearing now. We believe that in time more of his sight and hearing will return, but to what degree we don't know. George is a first year eagle.

As of yeaterday, Bird TLC has seen 25 eagles so far this year.