Mew Renew

Most of our mews are in pretty fair condition. The Boy Scout Eagles built a couple new ones to our specifications the last couple of years. Ferg did some major repairs after last years big wind storm, but the winter season takes it toll.

I did a mew walk around with Rehab Director Cindy Palmatier last week. What I thought would be a small list turned out to be two full pages. There was everything from cleaning to roof repair. Our gates need repair also, mainly alignment. Don our plow guy had fun this winter opening them up. Our parking lot was repaved last summer, but because of the height of the asphalt you can only open the gates inward now.

With the price of gas going up and up, summer vacations might be spent closer to home. Our version of Home Improvement might be Mew Improvement. It will be too hot for flannel though. I've already have had some pea gravel donated, but I'll need more than that. More pea gravel, driveway gravel, 2 X 2's, 2 X 4's, 2 X 6's, roofing panels, nails, screws and some tools. Any donations will be appreciated, did I have volunteer labor on that list?