Sharpie doesn't live here any more

The goal of Bird TLC is to rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned wild birds and return them to the wild. If that's not posible for what ever reason, and the bird can live a healthy life in captivity, Bird TLC places them in their very popular Education Program.

Sharpie the Sharp-shinned Hawk came to BIRD TLC after flying into a window and fracturing her left wing last year. Not much could be done so we wrapped it and hoped for the best. After healing, her left wing had a droop to it. That made us wonder how well she could fly. Sharp-shinns must fly fast and turn on a dime. It spends it's time in mixed woods and it's main source of food is small birds.

Sharpie was placed for caretaking and possible Ed Program training with Cindy Palmatier who's now our rehab director. About a month ago, Cindy says she thinks that Sharpie may be releasable. I asked why she thought that. She said and I quote "That booger can fly". So she started testing her and she passed every test. She discussed it with Dr. Scott, Bird TLC's Medical Director. He said that if she thinks it needs to be released and it's totally heathy, then it needs to be released.

Cindy decided Sharpie needed to be released and she picked her neighborhood. It's a spacious neighborhood with big trees, small birds and other small wild critters. She released her this past Saturday. Cindy said it flew to the closest tree with a surprised look. It spent a couple hours flying from tree to tree and preening. Then it flew away. She said she didn't see it again that day, but she put a mouse on top of the jacuzzi just in case it got hungry.