Environment Awareness Day in Moose Pass

Bird TLC was invited to the 17th Annual Environment Awareness Day in Moose Pass, AK. Put on by the USF&W for the students of Moose Pass School. Ruth went representing Bird TLC with a rough legged hawk.

There were 5 groups of kids for 5 different 45 minute clinics on environment awareness. The rough legged hawk was part of one of the clinics on being aware what's in your environment. The first word out of the kids mouths when the hawk was brought out to be presented was "awesome".

Thanks to Katy of USF&W for inviting us and thanks to the students, teachers, mom's & USF&W Forestry Service members for their hospitality. We hope to see you at the 18th annual Environment Awareness Day next year.

More pictures of the event are in the photo album to your right. Look in the Moose Pass album.