I'm outa here

Chris Maack sent me this picture and story of last Saturdays golden eagle releases near Eureka Lodge. Chris does our newsletter "Flight Feather", she's a board member, volunteers at the clinic and she did the small bird id class. It just dawned on me when I typed this up, she does a lot.

The text is a little out of align from the e-mail transfer. I tried to straighten it up and it turned into a chore so I stopped. It's a good story so bear with it, ok.

Rachel Morse and I met to carpool up to Eureka, at which time I learned
that Kristin Guinn had gotten sick and would not be able to take the
eagles up there. The only person she could get hold of was Rachel, who
therefore had to see to catching and kennelling the eagles and hitting
the road. We met Gary Tidwell at the Ft. Rich gate; he was the first
person we could ask whether there were any kennels available to put the
birds in! Fortunately, there were two.

He and I and Rachel ran the goldens down (easier than balds, actually)
and got them ready to roll by 10:20 a.m. We got to Eureka right before
1:00 and met Kathleen Young, Ted Kramer of Forest Oil, Cheryl Gardner, Michele (a
Monday vol), and several friends whose names I've forgotten. We were
joined by Bob Dittrick and his wife who happened to be driving by. He's
the guy who started the spring raptor tailgate party at mile 118 of the

We decided the Eureka Lodge itself was a poor release site because of
numerous buildings, phone lines and dumpsters, so we drove back the way
we'd come about 8 miles to the big pullout where the hawk migration
watchers park. This gave us a clear shot over the valley. Although both
eagles went out first over the valley, testing spruce tips as perches,
they both eventually turned and went back over the highway and up to
the ridgeline on the other side. Soon, they got the feel of the wind
(nice breeze) and started soaring. They were last seen together,
becoming tiny specks in the sky.