New Baby Bird Mom's

The Baby Bird Seminar 2005 held at the SPCA on Saturday was a huge success. Over 50 people attended the seminar held at the MOA Animal Control on Saturday.

The first qualification was to become a member of Bird TLC. The reason for that is that it's illegal to have the baby birds in possesion unless under permit from USF&W and AK F&G. Being a member of Bird TLC they become a rider on our permits.

Second was to take this seminar. Now all attendees are qualified to become temporary mom's to any orphaned baby birds that are brought into Bird TLC.

In the wild, baby birds have a 50/50 chance for survival. Through Bird TLC's Baby Bird Program, they have a 85% chance of survival.

Thanks to all of the Bird TLC volunteers who helped put it on, Louise, Cheryl, Luc, Ruthie, Cassie and myself.

My apologies for being a little slow posting this week for I've been extremly busy. I've been doing mew repairs, seting up a new computer system in Glenda's office (Bird TLC Office Mgr), trying to train on presenting a great gray owl, working at my real job and trying to enjoy the gorgous spring we are having so far with my wife and kids.