Baby Bird Mom

If you remember, we had a class on becoming a Baby Bird Mom this past May. You must attend this class each year if you would like to foster orphaned baby birds. Well, last week my daughter Cassie became a Baby Bird Mom to two orphaned American Robins. For the past week she's done a heck of a job taking care of them. I think sometimes when I woke her at 6AM to feed the birds she might of had second thoughts.

Tomorrow they go to another volunteer to do a soft release. Construction has started in our busy neighborhood, so it wasn't wise to do it here. The other volunteer will release them at her home where it's less busy. She'll place out food for them everyday until she sees they're not coming back to eat. That means they've moved on to enjoy their own lives.

We know we'll never see them again. Even if we did, they will look like all the other robins. But here's hoping they remember us and the short time spent at our home. Hopefully when the construction ends in our neighborhood, they or their babies will make our neighborhood their home.

Cassie wasn't the only Baby Bird Mom. There were dozens that did a great job this spring. Thanks to them all and I hope you're a mom again next year.