Flight Center Spring Clean Up

Last Sunday was Spring Clean Up Day @ the Bird TLC Flight Center on Camp Carroll. It was time to cut the grass, trim back bushes, power wash the walls, replace astro turf, clean up muck and make repairs. Winter can take it's toll on the old center. Built in 1988 with funds from the Exxon Valdez spill clean up for the materials, with labor from the local community and military, it has become known as "The Flight Center".

The Flight Center is where we send large birds that need to build up their muscles and flying skills before they can be released. This can be for a short while or for an extended stay, depending on what the origonal injury was.

Our crew of 5 volunteers got a lot of work done. Headed by Kristen Guinn, the hard working eagle and mosquito dodging crew got a lot acomplished. Thanks to the following for their time; Kristen Guinn, Gary Tidwell, Lauren (sorry didn't get last name), Cassie Dorsey and I. Sorry for no pictures, drain bamage day.