The kids aren't writting

But Anita at Zoo2You is. We sent 2 eagles to her for placement last month, the eagles formally known as George and Tobias. This is what she wrote us about them.

They both are doing great both steping up, crating, eating perfectly and going on shows. I am soooo impressed with The female (we named
her spirit) she is so willing to learn. She is very talkative but
sweet and patient. Not scared at all but not too bold. She only took
three days to totally get step up. and learned to go to her perch the
first day. Once on a perch it only took two face plants to figure out
where the leash stopped. She loves playing with the towels in hotel

Justice is amazing. He loves to take baths. We have taught him to eat
on cue, drink on cue, he knows step up and step back. He is learning
to put out his wings and to tuck them in on cue. He is also learning
to tuck his head when going in and out of his crate. He is currently in Chicago with Emily one of our trainers doing some media appearances. Spirit is in Arizona with Allie doing the same.

They are with trainers all day everday. When at home (4 days home 3 on the road) They both sit all day out in the sunshine bathing and and talking. Thanks so much for them, you guys have a great ability to choose birds with a great personality and acceptance of captivity.