1st Anniversary

OK, we made it a whole year. The Bird TLC Blog is one year old today. During this time we survived without threatening e-mails and phone calls, however I am still being picked on about my spelling even though it was in the first post that it was not allowed. Blogger didn't make it easy with their spell check not working for a long, long time.

A lot of things have happened at Bird TLC during this time. We now have an on staff Rehabilitation Director, Cindy Palmatier. She is doing an awesome job! I would hate to see where we would be if she hadn't come on board almost a year ago. We've had success with quite a few birds and some disappointing losses. But through all, Bird TLC has grown for the better. That means we are able to provide better treatment for the birds. The clinic is operating more smoothly and efficiently.

We also have an Executive Director, Rachel Morse. She's also doing an awesome job! She has implemented many changes that's steering our organization in the right direction. We are no longer on cruise control. Her fund raising ideas and volunteer recruiting are fantastic. She has updated the computers at the office and they are networked. She also has the acquisition of a webcam in the works. She listens to the volunteers on what they need or their ideas. I'm enjoying working with these two tallented women.

I don't have the room here to mention all of the volunteers and supporters. I wish I did. None of this could happen without them. They simply are invaluable! Sometimes they are almost overwelmed with the amount of work and care that goes on at the clinic, but they go on. You'll also see them on Bird TLC committees and at events.

Also, thanks to all of the webmasters and bloggers for their ideas, help and support. They also are too numerous to list, but they know who they are.

And last but not least, thanks to my wife and kids. Ruthie puts up with me spending a bit of time at the monitor and not doing my honey do list. The kids, Nick, Ryan and Cassie have helped with the website, at the clinic, raising baby birds, getting donated salmon and much more. Their always great supporters in most anything I do.

Well, I'm looking forward to another year. Thanks for your support!