BE 05-35

Eagle BE 05-35 came to Bird TLC from Kodiak, Alaska on 6/6/05. He had rotten crop and a very bad infection and abrasions on his left leg. He also was laying down, probably because his leg hurt so much.

He's a lot healthier now, but his infection will not clear up all the way. A sample is being sent to the lab in Seattle for testing (picture to left). He's still feisty though. He got away from 2 handlers last week and bit one on the elbow (ouch). As soon as we can get that infection cleared up, he's ready to go to the flight center. There he'll get his strength back for flying and then it's release time.

BE 05-40 was admitted last Friday. It's our 40th eagle of the year. It's not looking too good though. One leg is not responding and it's been laying down for some time. The keel is bruised real bad and a little sharp. It's dehydrated and exhausted.

The crew has been pumping it full of fluids. It will eat if small chunks of salmon is hand feed to it. Two of our vets have looked at it and can't determine what's the problem. We rigged a donut under it to keep it's keel cushioned. Keep your feathers crossed.