Have a Happy 4th

I hope everyone has a Safe & Happy 4th of July. It's one of the more fun holidays of the year. Ruthie has to work and the kids are off hiking or doing other things. Later on today we'll have a BBQ when they get home, BBQ chicken. I just put the flag out and it looks like we might get rain later today.

Our fireworks display will be around midnight tonight. That's when it will get dark enough to be able to see them. It really won't be dark, more like dusk. We'll see if we're able to stay awake to see them.

Tomorrow we're going to Denali National Park. Ruthie has a presentation there with Jasper the rough legged hawk. We'll spend the night and come home on Wednesday. So I'll spend part of today getting ready for the trip.

Again, be safe and Have a Happy 4th of July. Say a good word for our troops wherever they are. Here's hoping they can stay out of harms way.