Our tern to go

I can remember as a kid being excited to go on a trip with my family. I don't ever remember saying are we there yet, not saying that I didn't though. I can here some of your thoughts out there, yes I can remember that far back and yes they had cars back then. The only time I wanted to go back home was when I was exhausted.

The baby Arctic Tern that spent a little while with Bird TLC was excited to go on his first ride. Cindy and Todd Palmatier decided to take him to Tern Lake for release (sounds appropriate). Cindy said he wouldn't shut up in the carrier so she took him out. Then he decided to ride to Tern Lake on the dash. I guess he got his first taste at going 65 mph, although without wind in his face. He was soon to get a chance though.

Cindy said when they got there and got out of the truck, he sat on her hand for a bit. Then a gust of wind came along and it got that look on it's face like let's try flying and then he was off. He flew for a bit and then landed in the lake. She said he then spent some quality time taking a bath.

Cindy and Todd watched for a while and then decided he was in good hands now. He's getting ready for a 21,750 mile trip with other arctic terns for the next 20 years.

Thanks for the pictures Cindy and Todd. Also, thanks for getting our little guy on his way.