We have GREAT volunteers

We do. We have people from all walks of life. We have housewives, teachers, salespeople, retired people, students, and many more. We have people that drive for an hour or longer to get to the Bird TLC clinic to volunteer for a day. And guess what, we're looking for more.

Although Bird TLC has a full-time Executive Director and Rehab Coordinator and part-time office staff, volunteers make up 90% of the organization. The volunteers are the lifeblood that keeps Bird TLC operating 24/7/365. From providing first aide for injured birds to making presentations with a bird on the fist to administering intravenous fluids to an eagle, volunteers contribute invaluable work and bird knowledge.

Our goal is for every bird is to release it back to the wild,though we know that's not always possible. We also have programs to take non-releasable education birds into the community to provide avian education to the public.

If you live near Anchorage, you can become a part of this. We have openings for Clinic Volunteers, Foster Parents, Education Presenters, Reception and Outreach, Data Entry, Building (mew) Maintenance and others. If you have a special skill or talent that you would like to contribute to Bird TLC, we are interested in hearing them.

If any of this got your interest, contact our office M-F 9AM-5PM at 907-562-4852 or e-mail @ mail@birdtlc.net .

Can you see yourself in this picture?