I and the Bird #4

If you've been visiting the bird blogs lately you know what this is -- the 4th edition of the blog carnival "I and the Bird". Mike G from Milk River Music & Film has put together this weeks version and he did a heck of a job. There's stories from our magpie visitors to bared owls in Washington DC and others around the world.

If you're completely lost let's start here -- a blog carnival is a periodical roundup of the best writing on a specific topic. I and the Bird is about, well . . . birds! Start off at Milk River and there's links to all the blogs involved with the best stories on birds around the world.

Bird TLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating sick, injured or orphaned wild birds and providing avian education programs to the public. Linking to other blogs from Bird TLC is not an endorsement by Bird TLC. It is a suggestion by me to check them out.