Where did the summer go?

I went into Bird TLC today (Sunday) to do some repairs and mods to an outside mew. We have a gyr falcon that's probably going to be staying with us for a while and it's going to move into it. The NASCAR Race was on last night, Ruthie's working and the kids are off doing their own thing. A perfect opportunity to go in alone and get the job done in a timely manner.

It's been raining a lot lately, not unusual for Alaska this time of year. The temps (57°F) have taken a dip because of it. I stopped for a minute to take a break and had a seat on a wobbly saw horse and finished my coffee. I was looking at the trees in the back and I noticed that they were starting to change to their fall colors. ARGH!!! Where has summer gone so fast? We're no way near ready for summer to be over yet.

At the beginning of summer, Cindy and I made a list of items that needed to be done in the mew yard. We probably only got half the list complete. My real job, the one that puts the pb & j sandwiches on the table, has been busier than all get out. I have to take advantage of that when I can because come winter it slows down to a crawl. But, during the winter time, most of these jobs outside in the mew yard can't be done, or at least not properly. Plus, I'm getting too old to be working out in the cold for long periods of time. I'm in no way ready for winter yet.

Come to think of it, we did get a lot done. The Boy Scouts built a beautiful new raven mew. I rebuilt the old one and Karen Ottenbright modified it to work for magpies. A-1 Fence repaired our front gates (maybe they won't knock Don the plow guy out this year). All of the mews had some repairs done to them. Char put together a crew from UAA and they did lots of stuff.

OK, maybe the mews are almost ready for winter, but I'm not!