Yes, we're up to 44 now

If this fellow on your left looks like he's in rough shape, your right. He was found in Dutch Harbor with a compound fracture of the left ulna and radius. (If he was human, that would be between the wrist and elbow). He had been injured for a while because the wound was healing without the wing reconnecting. He had been on the ground scavenging what ever he could to eat. Not a pretty thing to see. He was found by USF&W and sent to Bird TLC. He is an adult bald eagle, not an immature eagle.

On Thursday, Dr Palmatier amputated the hanging portion of the wing trying out a new technique that so far seems to be working out. Pictures of the operation are in the photo album to your right. He's now in recovery and looking much better. He'll get a bath after he has time to recover from the operation. Baths are stressful to eagles, so we don't want to do it right now. We use dish soap when giving them a bath. It's not the strongest stuff, but it's the safest. A lot of the stained feathers will have to wait for a molt. You could tell he wasn't happy with his dirty appearance, he didn't want to look at the camera when I took his picture.

Welcome to Bird TLC BE 05-44. Enjoy your stay. You'll feel much better when you leave.

I spoke too soon. Ruthie and I went in on Saturday to help the clinic crew and there was BE 05-45, an immature that had fallen from it's nest here in Anchorage. He was in good shape, no apparent injuries. I'll check with Cindy on Monday and see what the rest of his story is and get a picture posted.