I and the Bird 7

I and the Bird 7 is being hosted here on 9/29. Those of you who would like to submit their best articles may do so by 9/27 to myself at webmaster@birdtlc.net or Mike of 10000 Birds @ mike@10000birds.com.

If you haven't read Mike's blog @ http://www.10000birds.com in a bit, I suggest you do. It has some updates on do'es and don'ts for the carnival.

Please subject your e-mail as I and the Bird 7.

So, have fun. I know I am enjoying reading all the stories from around the world every other week. I look forward to your submissions.

I have e-mailed everyone who submitted to I and the Bird 6 and have gotten a few mailman rejections. Don't be insulted if you didn't get an e-mail invite. Either I have your e-mail wrong or you need to check on it.