No salmonellosis for me please

Back in February 2005 the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reported on the death of redpolls at household feeders in Fairbanks and Nenana has been increasing. Then an outbreak of salmonellosis in Pine Siskins had been reported in Juneau. ADF&G came up with the following report....

In a nut shell, they figured out it was salmonelloisis in most cases. To help prevent further out break, they requested that everyone would keep their feeders clean and to keep feces and seed debris picked up from underneath the feeders.

With winter coming upon us, I figured it was a good time to rerun this report. Lets get those feeders down and thoroughly cleaned before the weather turns and the ground underneath cleaned up before the first snow. Then keep the ground cleaned up during winter, don't just let the snow cover it up.

It's nice to have the feeders out for the little guys during winter. Let's not make them into death traps for them.