Off to Seward

On Friday, Cindy asked if we would take a Cassin's Auklet to the Alaska Sea Life Center (ASLC) in Seward on Saturday. Ruthie and I love visiting both places, so we gave a eager "Yes". I also figured that this time of year, all of the leaves on the trees should be changing colors. That would make a beautiful drive. Although it is usually a beautiful drive anytime of year, I was looking for those fall colors.

Our little guy was being transferred to ASLC because they are much more capable of rehabitating a seabird properly than at Bird TLC. Their modern facility is the envy of all rehabers. They mainly do sea mammals, but they also do seabirds as well. We have an official handshake agreement with them. They send us land birds and we send then the seabirds. If you have never been to ASLC, you must put it on your must see list.

We meet up with Tim when we arrived and he admitted our Auklet. He checked him over well and said he looked pretty good. After some time at ASLC, he hoped to release him in Dutch Harbor when he visits there in about three weeks. He then took us on the behind the scenes tour of sea lions, harbor seals and others going through rehab at this time. What a cool place.

Now we were off on our own. We went upstairs and took the tour of the rest of the center. It was crowded but had lots of stuff going on. We went for a late lunch at the Peking Restaurant (best Chinese in Seward), and then on our way towards home.

We made a lot of side stops to look at the scenery. The trees were just starting to change. In about another week should be the time to check them out. However we did get to see lots of neat stuff. We also got to see trumpeter swans at Tern Lake and beluga whales at Turnagain Arm. We enjoyed the lovely weather provided also. It was almost a picture perfect fall Saturday.