Ouch, I've been tagged

Cindy over at WoodSong got me with a meme via Calre at Kiggavik via nuthatch at bootstrap analysis. This should prove to be interesting.

10 YEARS AGO 1995, hmmmm. I had been retired from the Air Force for a year. We lost the aircraft and crew in Alaska's worst aviation accident. I entered the real world with nothing to do with airplanes anymore. Not knowing that one day she'd be my wife, I recruited Ruth to come to work with me at the smallest store in the company in the state. We kicked butt with the help of a few others and moved to the largest store in the company in the state.

5 YEARS AGO 2000, hmmmm. Ruthie and I got married on July 27th. The ceremony was performed by my friend Don the plow guy. In Alaska, your not required to be married by a priest or preacher. I changed companies and jobs. I am now a peddler, now a days known as a salesman. I quit smoking cigarettes.

1 YEAR AGO 2004, hmmmm. The house got painted and a new roof. Ruthie got a new mini-van. On our anniversary we took a train trip from Anchorage to Seward. We took our bikes with us. We rode from Seward to Exit Glacier and back. It was a gas. I also started the Bird TLC blog.

YESTERDAY 9/29/2005 hmmmm. A normal work day. One of my competitors threw in the towel. Ruthie is preparing for a trip to Prudoe Bay. She'll be doing presentations with a Northern Hawk Owl all weekend for BP. I get to house, dog and bird sit. Ruthie cooked salmon patties, yummy. I'm remodeling the spare bedroom into my office. I picked out paint colors at Home Depot and lighting fixtures at Lowes. Sunday I go to work on it. Saturday I'll be at the bird center doing some stuff to get ready for winter.

5 SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: All oldies too. Stairway to Heaven ( I have the album, 8 track, cassette and now CD), Free Bird (I had lots of Leonard Skynard albums), I can't make you love me (Bonnie Raitt is one hot red head) What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong says it all) The Dance (one of the few Garth Brooks songs I liked).

5 SNACKS: Oreo's and milk, corn bread and milk, chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, smoked salmon on a Ritz cracker with mustard, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I hope this wasn't suppose to be a healthy list.

5 THINGS I'D DO WITH $100 MILLION DOLLARS: build the new bird center over looking Potter Marsh. Buy a new pick up truck. My 1988 Dodge is starting to show its age. Take Ruthie and my kids (even though they are all grown) to both Disneyland and Disney World. Buy my Mom a money truck (armored car). I always told her I would when I was a kid. Imitate one of those Corona commercials for a while.

5 PLACES I WOULD RUN AWAY TO: Wrangell St Elias National Park, Alaska, Australia, St Lawrence Island, Alaska, Pribilof Islands (St. Paul), Alaska, Switzerland.

5 THINGS I'D NEVER WEAR: a tux, anything that I can't garden, fish or repair mews in.

5 FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOWS: Barney Miller, WKRP in Cincinnati, The Red Green Show, Law and Order, The Apprentice.

5 GREATEST JOYS: My wife and kids, fishing, biking, traveling Alaska, our house pets, Aggie the dog and Baby the Cockatoo.

5 FAVORITE TOYS: All Tools, RV, PC, Stereo, aquariums..

5 PEOPLE I'M TAGGING: Matt at Creature News, Lori at North to Alaska, John at DC Birding Blog, Charlie at Charlie's Bird Blog
, and Tony at Milk River Blog.