Possible success

I went in the other day and sanded the floor of the indoor mew we've been repairing. Then I started to paint it when Cindy Palmitier walked up and said "the x-ray of the short eared is in the exam room". I'm like "ok, cool". Then she's like "no, you don't understand. It's good and I want you to take a picture of it to use on the web site". I'm like " OH, OK, Kewl!"

Cindy is generally a perky person. She usually has a good attitude and is not a negative person. I find her easy to work with and she gets me excited about the work we do at Bird TLC. But this time she was more perky and more positive. You see, the short eared had a stainless steel pin placed in it's left wing three weeks ago. He was x-rayed today and it's looking real good. We have had some bad luck with this in the recent past with golden eagles. The operations would go well but we would loose them to osteomyelitis (bone disease) within a few weeks. It was very depressing.

So, if everything continues going well, the pin can be removed in about a week or so. He still has to take it easy for a week or so after that. Then it's time for physical therapy. Get that strength back and make sure he has good motion in the wing. Then we'll see if he can flight test ok. If he does, he has a good chance of being released. We then might have to tie bricks to Cindy to keep her on the ground.