Good overrides evil

Here's proof that the results of good people stand out and above bad people. I believe that there are many more good people than there are bad ones. It took the results of one misguided citizen to bring this eagle to Bird TLC. However, it took many good citizens for this bird to survive this long and hopefully much longer.

This bald eagle came to us on 3/29/05 from Dutch Harbor with a gun shot wound and was logged in as BE 05-19. At the time I called it Beakman, but I was soon overrode by the girls at Bird TLC. The bird was from then on called Beauty. I do think it was a good change because this bird has enough challenges. A positive name could only be helpful.

Beauty has become very popular around Bird TLC and Anchorage. She has made it in the newspaper and on TV. She has brought out the good in a lot of people from all walks of life. Here's hoping that it also stops anyone from doing this type of harm to another bird.

In the first picture you see her as when she arrived. In the second picture you see her as she is today. Please keep in mind that she is still going through a molt. Because of someone's thoughtless act, this beauty of an eagle will never be released back to the wild. It will never be able to fly the skies over Alaska again. It will never again be chased by angry seagulls or ravens. She has to be hand feed for the rest of her life.

With the hard work of Cindy Palmatier, Bird TLC Rehab Director, USF&W has decided to allow us to place her in a permanent facility. As of yet, it has not been decided when and where, but it will have to be a special place. This eagle needs personal attention several times a day. Cindy and USF&W will go over all request with a fine toothed comb. They are always very selective when placing any bird, but they are going to be very picky over this one.

It was hoped that Beauty's beak would grow back. It's made of the same material as your finger nails. Unfortunately there was too much damage already done and there has been no significant re-growth. Cindy has talked and emailed many professional people about using a prosthetic, but as of yet no decisions have been made. Even with a prosthetic, she still could not be released.

Even after this eagle leaves Bird TLC, people will be talking about her. She has a really neat personality (or is it birdality ?). When she is being feed, she loves the attention. When she is done eating she lets out a cawlk meaning "why are you still here". People at Bird TLC ask to feed her. They know this eagle is special and enjoy the interaction.

This is not the end of the story but a continuation of a long one. One that will go on for the rest of Beauty's life.