Lady's & Gentlemen, GE 05-32 has left the building

It might have been a cold and foggy day, but I know one bird that thinks it's the best day it's ever seen. Golden Eagle GE 05-32 was released last month after 5 months of rehabilitation. He's back home near Denali (Mt McKinley for you non - Alaskans).

This bird came to us on May 31 with severe head trauma and eye trauma. To help it's eye heal, it was sewed shut for a few weeks. Except for it's memories of Bird TLC everything else is history.

A full recovery and a release. The type of story we like. Thanks to Kristin Guinn for taking it to the release site. Also, thanks to the young lady who sent me the pictures. I apologize for I don't recall the name. Email me at and I'll give proper credit where it's due.