A slow, cold winter day

Today started off kind of funny, but no one was laughing. People were complaining about how cold it is (-4°F) and it's not suppose to get much better. I made my little comments like "You'd think we lived in Alaska and it was November or something." They'd reply with just a look. At least that's all I heard.

My first two appointments canceled on me, so I went and got a mocha and a blueberry muffin. Then I headed down to Westchester Lagoon, one of my favorite places. It was about 9:30 AM, so figured I run into some ravens playing, or some skiers or joggers. Nope, not a one. I had the whole place to myself.

So, like a dummy I figured I make some sales calls via the ol' cell phone. Maybe I can stir something up and get the day moving. Don't worry, I hear you all out there. What are you doing? You got this beautiful place to yourself and your trying to drum up work? Your right, time for a walk. Leave the phone behind and take the hat and gloves.

It was so peaceful, with only a hint of noise from the boulevard a few blocks away. So peaceful, that boulevard seemed a hundred miles away. The city of Anchorage has a beautiful trail system around most of the city. It's being expanded all the time. During the winter, they groom it for cross country skiers. When the ice is thick enough, they groom out a nice ice rink. It's perfect for joggers,bicyclest and walks all the time.

It's the perfect place for birding during the summer. All along the trail and specially at the lagoon. You'll see the local birding tour companies all along the trail and a few loners also. The trail follows along Cook Inlet for a long ways, so you have mud flats, trapped pools, etc. The perfect setup for birds and birders.

But today I have it to myself. Myself and the frozen benches. Myself and the frozen trees and lamp post. Myself and the quiet beauty of the wilderness in the city. Along came two gentlemen senior citizens. As they got closer one says "Good morning." I reply "Yes it is. A beautiful morning." Their reply "Yes it is."

OK, I guess I need to get back and go to work. I guess I was lucky it was a slow, cold winter day. It's up to +10°F.