Snowy got pinned today

Here's our Snowy Owl's x-ray showing his right wing midshaft with a compound fracture. (Ignore my hand in the upper left corner. I was helping to restrain him for the pic's. It looks a lot thinner than in person.)

Dr Todd Palmatier of the Pet Stop volunteered his lunch hour (plus some) to install a stainless steel pin into the bone to hold it together while it heals. He was assisted by Cindy Palmatier, Bird TLC Rehab Director and I got in the way taking pictures.

Go to my album at photobucket to see the complete operation. Best way to view it is by slideshow.

It's too soon to know, but we have a good gut feeling about this one. He'll stay in a wing wrap for about two weeks. He'll then be x-rayed again to see how it's progressing. It will then be determined if and when the pin will be removed. After pin removal, there's physical therapy and all the other good stuff before it can be released.

We'll keep you updated. Great job Dr Todd!