Three gals and an eagle

Look at them smiles. I like this shot. Walk in with a camera and they have this "oh no, it's Dave" look on their face. Take aim and say "OK, everyone say boogers" and look at the smiles you get.

Anyhow, Cindy Palmatier is the petite blonde to your right. She came to Bird TLC (again) a year ago last week, but this time as our new Rehabilitation Director. That makes it her one year anniversary in that position. I don't know if we should say congratulations or Thanks! The board likes her so much that they changed her title to more define her duties. She is now the Director of Avian Care and Rehabilitation, with oversight of the health of educational birds as well as those under clinical care.

For a little gal she has a lot of responsibilities besides a big title. While handling her daily clinic operations, she has instituted an ongoing training program for all clinic volunteers. Mary Bethe Wright, Bird TLC Board President says "It has been well received and is improving the communications so important to proper care of the birds and compliance with our permits".

She also has made so many improvements to the clinic, like the Baby Bird Room renovation. Also, clinic drug inventory and control, or should I also say quality control. I visit the clinic about three times a week and when I see her she's always got something going on or in the works. She's also fun to work with. She'll take the time to explain what's going on and why. She'll answer your questions and if she doesn't have an answer, she'll get one. And to go along with all that, she's a nice person also.

Anyways, Bird TLC is lucky to have her. Everyone can say congratulations on your first year. I'll say "thanks Cindy for you first year" and I know a lot of birds that will back me up on that.