Blessed Beast and Birds Store closes 12/31

The Blessed Beast and Birds Store, the partnership between The Alaska Zoo and Bird TLC, closes on 12/31. It was just meant for the holidays and has been a big success. I don't have any numbers or figures, but for what our overhead was we did well. This was our first venture into selling merchandise like this and we learned a lot. Next year we know our store will be much better because of this years experiences. We will also have a lot longer to prepare for it.

For those of you living in the Anchorage area, Saturday will be your last chance to visit us at the Dimond Center. After that, all Bird TLC product will be available at the Bird TLC clinic and all Alaska Zoo product will be available at the Alaska Zoo Gift Shop at the zoo.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make the store a success. I won't start naming them because I don't want to accidentally leave someone out. Anyhow, thanks a lot volunteers!