Augustine update from AVO

59.3633°N 153.4333°W, Summit Elevation 4134 ft (1260 m)
Current Level of Concern Color Code: ORANGE

Earthquake activity at Augustine Volcano has remained at lower levels throughout the day but the level of seismic activity is still above background. Based on the characteristics of previous eruptions, it is likely, but not certain, that more explosive eruptions will occur. These events are likely to be similar to those of January 13, 14, and 17 and it is possible for them to occur with little or no warning. AVO is monitoring the situation closely and the observatory is staffed 24/7.

Observations made on a flight during the afternoon of January 18 indicated that that the summit was steaming vigorously, so much so that it was not possible to determine if a new dome had been emplaced. Evidence of explosive ejection of volcanic bombs producing large truck sized circular craters was observed on the northwest flank. Block and ash flow deposits with car-sized blocks produced by dome collapse covered parts of the southeast flank and dilute ash cloud surge deposits were observed on the northwest flank. A white steam plume was observed rising to about 8500 ft (2600 m) before it trailed off as a bluish haze to the east. Little to no ash appeared to be present in the plume.