Beauty has friends at AIH

Remember Beauty, our beak shot bird? We recently had to place her in an inside mew. The cold weather has not been nice to her tongue, since it doesn’t have a beak to protect it. Because of this, she’s getting acclimatized to inside temperatures. She needs to be in an outside mew so she can get more exercise

Cindy and I developed a plan to insulate and heat an outside mew. On a budget of $0.00, all we need is material. On the advise of a friend, I visited Corey Grubb, Sales Manager of Alaska Industrial Hardware. I informed him of our situation and supplied him with a list of items we needed. A week later I left his warehouse with everything I needed for the job except lumber. (AIH doesn’t do lumber). Everything is 100% donated.

That’s why I like doing business with a locally owned company. We have the big name guys from outside up here also. But, I have a problem just trying to get a discount with them. Money is an issue with all non-profits. Bird TLC is not special in that department. Your local guys like at AIH, know and care about their community. They’re citizens of the same community that donates their hard earned pay to organizations like Bird TLC. They also know we volunteer to help our community and what’s in it.

So, if you live in Alaska, visit your local Alaska Industrial Hardware. Tell them Beauty appreciates them. You’ll probably get a funny look, but you’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting a local company that supports its community and Bird TLC.

I'll post more pictures when the project is complete.