GHO - 1, Geese - 1

I got a call from the office during lunch. Glenda asked if I had time to pick up a great horned owl at the airport. It came in from Homer via ERA Aviation. Sure, I wasn't too far from there and had some free time.

I picked the kennel up at the cargo terminal and took a peek through the vents. This guy was ticked off. He was just a hissing. Off to Bird TLC we go.

As I stumble through the door I announce that our visitor is here. Cindy (Rehab Director) speaks up and says "You mean the one that got beat up by a bunch of geese"?

It seems this owl decided to get into a domestic goose pen. He killed one and the rest of them didn't like it. They bit the @*%% out of this guy and it hasn't been happy since.

They got some pretty good chuncks from it's right wing. It's going to be sore for a little while. We're not sure how it's going to heal. There's nothing to sew together.

GHO - 1
Geese - 1