Thinking of Spring

It doesn't matter what the calendar says, spring won't be here for about another two months. With spring comes new flowers, leaves on the trees and baby birds. It also shows what winter was hiding like trash under the snow, dog poop, bird poop, dead leaves, etc.

We need to start getting ready now to clean this up, at least at Bird TLC, and we decided to have our first......

Mew Yard Spring Clean-Up

So we're going to have our first clean-up committee meeting on 2/28 @ 11:30 @ the Bird TLC clinic. We need to get ready for trash removal, mew repair, roof repair, raking, gravel spreading, etc. There's a lot to be done and it will take a crew of people to get it done right.

Here's your invitation to join the committee. We would love to have you not matter what level of skills you have. Your interest in having healthy birds in a clean and safe enviroment is a great start.

I hope to see you there!