Unusual visitor

About once a year we receive a call from Totem Ocean Trailer Express at the Anchorage Port. Barbara Doak recieved the call last week and went to the port and retreived a Rhinoceros Auklet that had been found on one of their cargo ships.

After taking it to the Bird TLC clinic, it was examined and found nothing was wrong with it. We figure it was flying along and found this giant odd shaped island to land on and rest. After resting it found itself disoriented at the Port of Anchorage. That's when TOTEM called us.

It was transfered to the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward, Alaska. They have the facilities to better care for seabirds then we do. These birds can be very fragile and without the proper care, diet and surroundings, they can easily die. ASC has excellent facilities for this and an excellent world-renowned staff. Ruthie and I got to visit with the ASC and some of it's staff last year. Excellent people! They'll get it back up to speed and release it when the time is right and in the proper location.