We're up to 7 eagles now

It's a younger crowd, but Bird TLC has admitted 7 bald eagles so far this year. All for different reasons and different loctions around Alaska.

The first one shown is BE 06-06. It was feeding off a dead whales carcase near Old Harbor. During his take off he cliped a wire and crashed into the whale. He was cover in the lovely smelling whale oil and bruised his right wing up. He should be releasable in a little while.

The next one is BE 06-07. He was found on the ground in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. We don't know what's up. There no breaks or anything obvious. We'll be running some test.

Next is BE 06-04 from Palmer, Alaska. It's crop was full and toxic. It ate something that it shouldn't have. It's crop has been flushed but now it won't eat. We'll give it a little time before we tube feed.

All three of these eagles should be releasable later on.

Next is 06-023. No it's not an eagle. It's our great horned owl who didn't like being goosed. As you can tell, it's still a little pissed off. Too soon to tell if it will be released. It has a good chunk bitten out of it's right wing.

I walked through the clinic last night and counted birds. I doubt very much if this counts for the Great Backyard Bird Count 2006. I was inside, in the clinic and the birds really didn't want to be there. Seven eagles, two ravens, one great horned owl, one goshawk, one gyr falcon, two waxwings, and a magpie. The clinic has been hopping.

The 2006 Eagle pictures are posted in the photobucket to your right. Including some x-rays.