18 and BUSY

The Bird TLC clinic has been busy. We're up to 18 eagles so far this year, one of them a golden. We've had birds shot, a car hit, crashed into a dead whale, dog attack, lost a fight with another eagle, sheesh, you can just about name it.

We're also are getting a few bohemian waxwings in, a gyrfalcon, northern goshawk. Cindy our rehab director has her hands full. As a matter of fact she's in surgury with one of the eagles right now, 6PM. Not sure which one and why.

Check out the eagles eye in this picture. You can see the nictitating membrane (inner or third eyelid). It blinks much more often than the other eyelids, protecting and keeping the eyes moist while allowing clear and steady vision.

Check out this site for more on Eagle Eyes.