Sitka trip

Here's an email from a friend who went to Sitka this weekend. Sitka is 590 southeast of Anchorage in what we call the pan handle. The raptor center they donated to was the Alaska Raptor Center.

Hi Dave,

We went to Sitka this weekend to spend time with my Mom and were lucky enough to be there when the Herring were spawning. Thought I'd share this particular pic with you as it not only shows how the water turns to a milky green, but also this one has Eagles in it. Needless to say it was an awesome experience! Friday we went out in my Mom's boat and set out her spruce bows where the Herring were spawning. Then today went and gathered them and they are full of Herring eggs. Best my Mom has had in 7 years of doing this. It was so cool to be there and watch the commercial fishing boats go out for the openings. Doug got in some good fishing yesterday - brought in 2 Halibuts.

While I was there, I helped her clean out her freezers of stuff to go to their local Raptor center.

More later . . . it's late and am trying to wind down from all the weekend fun!

See ya Tuesday.

Britt :)

More on our friend below tomorrow. Been busy.