2006 Mew Yard Spring Clean Up

Wow, we got a great committee together to ramrod the 2006 Mew Yard Spring Clean Up. Cindy Palmatier made the hit list out for what needs to be accomplished. Not bad, only 3 pages. Everything from roof repair to pulling weeds. Britt Coon has a free commercial dumpster lined up and some snacks and drinks. Elise Patkotak has an electrician lined up to repair some power outlets and undo my spaghetti wiring. I got $100 from Home Depot at Northway Mall for yard tools. Nice store manager also, Gan. We have a youth group from the Latter-Day Saints and the JROTC from Bartlett High School are going to help us out along with other Bird TLC volunteers and friends.

The more the merrier. May 6th at Bird TLC. Starts at 9AM. Come help us out with some extreme yard work and make a nice clean, safe and attractive place for our Education Birds and birds under rehabilitation.

Here's 2 before pictures.