See you later GLENDA

If you ask anyone who knows Bird TLC, who at TLC do you know besides Dr. Scott. Their answer would be GLENDA. She has been the nucleus of our organization, our Office Manager Extraordinaire for more than 13 years. If you wanted to schedule a presentation, you called Glenda. If you wanted to know who fixed the plumbing, you called Glenda. If you were traveling to McGrath to do a presentation, Glenda scheduled it. If the world fell apart, Glenda knew who could put it back together or who to get another one from. Everything went through Glenda, and she accomplished this working only 3 days a week.

I feel that crowds should be surrounding the Bird TLC Clinic on Thursday, Glenda's last working day at TLC. They should be chanting "Stay, Stay, Stay". But, Glenda didn't schedule it, so it won't happen. I know that Bird TLC will go on. I know that wild birds will still be rehabilitated and released back to the wild. I know we'll still travel all over Alaska educating people about wild birds. I know the plumbing will get fixed. But I also know that none of it will get done without us thinking of Glenda.

See you later Glenda. We love you and we'll damn sure miss you!