We got Snow...........................y's

Right now we have 3 snowy owls with us. 2 are at the clinic and the other is at the flight center. The first one pictured just came to us the other day from Izembek National Wildlife Refuge near Cold Harbor, Alaska. It has a badly fractured wing which is non-repairable. It will be amputated later this week and then it will be determined where it goes from here. It is a possible education bird at TLC or placement else where's.

The second one pictured is at the flight center being evaluated for release. That could happen very soon.

The third one pictured was at the flight center. He came to us with a broken wing (see operation to repair it in the photo album on photobucket to your right). However, he is having some issues flying so he was brought back to the clinic to see what's going on.

This is the most snowy's at one time at our clinic that I know of.